Instagram Audit

Instagram Audit

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The Instagram Audit

The Instagram Audit is the ultimate quick fix to help kickstart your strategy and start making real sales on Instagram.

Get a comprehensive report on your account covering:

  • Content strategy - Ever wondered if you’re posting the right things? Does post order matter? How important is “feed cohesiveness” anyway? I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to improve & refine your content

  • Bio Refresh - Is your bio converting people to followers? Or is it a bit of a snooze fest? I’ll check that little guy is doing the MOST for your sales

  • Stories check up - Are you using stories to their maximum potential? Are your highlights on point? I’ll give you some story content ideas to supercharge engagement and build serious loyalty with your audience (and loyalty = sales)

  • Growth strategy - Need more followers who are also potential customers but have no idea where to find them? Don’t worry, I’ll find them for you and tell you the EXACT growth method I use to grow my client accounts by hundreds each month.

Limited audits available per month - don’t miss out!

AMAZING SERVICE! Emily conducted an Instagram audit for me, it was so incredibly in depth and super helpful. After a few days of taking her advice I already noticed a difference! Extremely helpful & highly recommended!
— Candace of Herbal Hiraeth