Instagram Marketing Specialist Melbourne
Instagram Account Management
I see you there:
  • You need to grow your business but Insta is taking up SO. MUCH. TIME. that you’re not sure when you’re supposed to find time to work on your ACTUAL BUSINESS

  • You’re sick of putting in effort only to get a small handful of likes and a couple of bot comments (“Love this post! Check out our page!” 🙄)

  • At all times you’re approximately two seconds away from deleting your entire account and going to live in a forest so you never think about social media ever again

  • Sh*t I have to make an Instagram post… and it’s been 5 days since my last one… and I have nothing to say…”

  • You’re SO over the emotional rollercoaster of gaining and losing followers like a yo-yo and have said out loud at least once, “I DON’T GET WHAT I’M DOING WRONG!”


Now dream with me and imagine…

  • Attracting your dream customers or clients with so much ease that it feels like cheating

  • Never worrying about what you’re going to post on Instagram - you’re a woman with a plan!

  • Having a content plan that aligns perfectly with your sales goals (no more posting & hoping for the best)

  • Building a strong, loyal, inspiring community who are DYING to see what comes next

  • Making hands-free sales - you’ll have the perfect sales funnel to generate $$$ on autopilot 💸💸💸


My Account Management solutions are for women just like you...



  • You’re ready to INVEST in growing your business, attracting your dream customers or clients, and building a community around your brand

  • You are willing to put in the necessary work and effort to make your biz dreams come true

  • You are a womanpreneur who approaches business from the heart - you’re not here just to make sales but to make a real positive impact

  • Your target market focuses primarily on women #GirlClub

Client Results

Kayla Dean Copywriting

✅ Tripled overall growth & engagement in one month
✅ Total increase in client bookings from Instagram
✅ New incoming work from referrals on Instagram



Choose your plan

Simple, Transparent Pricing

No lock-in contracts or hidden costs


Full custom post strategy

3 posts per week

NO Stories Strategy

1 hour growth per day

Monthly meetings & reports


Full custom post strategy

5 posts per week

Stories Strategy

2 hours growth per day

Monthly meetings & reports


Full custom post strategy

7 posts per week

Stories strategy

3 hours growth per day

Monthly meetings & reports


All prices in AUD & include GST

How it Works
01. The Application

I review your application to see if we will be a good fit and then set up a call to discuss your business, your goals, and how we can best work together.

This is a free, no obligation chat so that we can both get a better sense of what working together will be like.

Once we decide to go ahead I send through contract and the first invoice and then I can get started on creating your strategy!

02. Strategy Creation

You'll receive an e-mail listing everything you need to get set up and sent through so I can start creating your first month's strategy.

Building your strategy typically takes 3-4 weeks before the first posts are ready to go live. By the time your first posts are going live I will be creating the strategy for the next month (meaning I always work approximately 1 month in advance).

03. Approvals & Check-Ins

Each month you are sent a report showing total growth & your most popular post.

We also have a monthly meeting in which we can discuss the past and upcoming months. This is where I'll go through results in more depth and explain upcoming strategy ideas.

This is also where you can fill me in on results on your end (enquiries, clients booked, etc.) so we can get the best sense of what has been working and how to proceed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer free trial periods?

A: No. I do not offer any services for free. Please see my client testimonials and results if you are interested in the types of results to expect.

I do offer no lock-in contracts so you are free to terminate services at any time, only paying monthly as you go. 

Q: Can you guarantee results?

A: Unfortunately not. While I only take on clients who I believe are best set up for high levels of success on Instagram, actual results vary on many factors such as your industry, competition, market/price positioning, website quality, customer service levels, existing reputation, your time and ability to create and provide certain types of content, other marketing and PR efforts, and more.

Each and every client is different, but what I can guarantee is that I ensure I am doing the best I can for each individual business in achieving maximised results.

Q: What apps do you use? Will my account be safe?

A: I use Planoly to schedule all my client posts. Additionally you or a relevant member of your team will also be added as a ‘team’ member to your Planoly account so you will always have full visibility of scheduled posts. Planoly is a scheduling app completely approved by Facebook/Instagram.

This is the only app I use that will be connected to your Instagram account directly and does not put your account at risk.