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 Learn how to Make Serious Sales in Just 5 Days

(Even if you totally suck at Instagram)


Is this



You’ve heard about “the algorithm” but you don’t actually know WTF it is or how it works


Your content strategy is “posting and hoping for the best” (which isn’t going very well…)


Instagram feels like a strange alien world with odd laws and customs you just can’t seem to figure out




You know EXACTLY how Instagram works - from the algorithm to the alien world culture - and are confident about each and every post 😉

You know your target market so well that you never ever have to post and hope for the best - you know exactly what they want to see! 💌

And best of all, you have an ever-expanding, loyal audience who can’t stop themselves from buying (cha-ching!) 💸




Hey, I’m Emily!

I specialise in helping women with small businesses create an AMAZING presence on Instagram (without having to sacrifice their soul to get it).

I create strategies that SELL MORE with LESS EFFORT using a Super Secret Content Formula I invented (mostly because I wanted more time to watch videos of dogs on the Internet instead of hustling for sales #priorities).

My philosophy? Life is too short not to have fun. This includes marketing your gorgeous lil biz!

Instagram Made Easy

Connect with your dream audience and ignite your income on Instagram


Instagram Made Easy is for boss babes like you who want to get super clear on how Instagram works, transforming your account from drab to fab to connect with your dream audience and make serious sales!

This five day e-mail course is the ultimate beginners guide to Instagram marketing, covering everything I do to create winning strategies for my clients.

Yep! For real, I tell you everything I know so that you can do it too.

If you’re ready to turn your Instagram into a super sales machine (instead of the really annoying time sucking app it is now) then come join over 200 womenpreneurs who have taken Instagram Made Easy.

Best of all? It’s just $37.


we'll cover


Defining Your Target Market

The biggest marketing mistake I see is a poorly defined target market. Learn exactly how to properly define and research your target market to avoid this mistake and start raking in serious sales.

The Algorithm & Hashtags

Learn how the algorithm works, why hashtags aren’t as important as you think they are, and exactly what to do in order to make sure you’re working WITH the algorithm, not against it.

Optimising Your Bio

The bio can make or break your profile. I outline all the key features of a successful bio that converted lurkers into loyal customers.

Creating Engaging Content

Learn the difference between product oriented and marketing oriented descriptions and the mistakes to avoid when marketing your business online.

Gaining Followers

This is your GOLDEN TICKET to growth on Instagram. I teach you exactly what I do to grow my client accounts rapidly each month with dedicated followers who turn into loyal customers!

Exclusive Offers

Instagram Made Easy students get exlusive offers and discounts on my other products and services, not available anywhere else.
Is it for me?

 Instagram Made Easy is for you if:

  • You want to manage your own Instagram account but can’t seem to figure out how it all works (even if you’ve actually been on there a while)

  • You’ve been creating content and trying to attract new followers but it never seems to do very well let alone lead to any sales

  • You currently define your target market as “anyone who is interested in what I’m selling” (babe, no!)

  • You’re ready to commit to five days of learning, change, and growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will this course take? Can I do it at my own pace?

A: Instagram Made Easy is delivered to your inbox over 5 consecutive days, with each module designed to be a short but information-packed read that go perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. You can totally go at your own pace as there’s no time-sensitive content. In fact, I’ve timed the delivery so you can’t go too fast as I want you to be able to really think about and soak in all the information.

Q: How long will I have access to the content?

A: Forever! This course is delivered right to your inbox so you’ll have it as long as you wish to keep it. In the event of catastrophe/server meltdown/accidental deletion you can simply write to me at hello (@) and I’ll send you through a new copy.

Q: I've been using Instagram for a long time, will this be useful to me or is it more of a beginner thing?

A: I’ve had feedback from both newbies and long-time users alike that they learned a TON taking Instagram Made Easy. This course is more about learning Instagram FOR business so that you can better connect with your target market and make more sales. So if this is something you have been struggling with, Instagram Made Easy will absolutely help!

It's time to earn more on Instagram!

You're a boss with amazing gifts to share with the world. Let's get you where you deserve to be by kicking your insta game into high gear

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