I see you there:

  • You need to grow your business, so you get on Instagram because you know your market is there, but now it’s taking up SO. MUCH. TIME. that you’re not sure when you’re supposed to find time to work on your ACTUAL BUSINESS

  • You’re so sick of putting in effort only to get a small handful of likes and a couple of bot comments (“Love this post! Check out our page!” 🙄)

  • At all times you’re approximately two seconds away from deleting your entire account and going to live in a forest so that you never think about social media ever again

  • You look at successful Instagram accounts and literally cannot comprehend HOW they grew so big - and wonder WHY it’s so hard for you in comparison

  • Sh*t I have to make an Instagram post… and it’s been 5 days since my last one… and I have nothing to say…”

  • You’re SO over the emotional rollercoaster of gaining and losing followers like a yo-yo and have said out loud at least once, “I DON’T GET WHAT I’M DOING WRONG!”


 Now Dream With Me Here and Imagine…

  • Attracting your dream customers or clients with so much ease that it feels like cheating

  • Never worrying about what you’re going to post on Instagram - you’re a woman with a plan!

  • Having a content plan that aligns perfectly with your sales goals (no more posting & hoping for the best)

  • Building a strong, loyal, inspiring community of people around your business who are DYING to see what comes next

  • Making hands-free sales - you’ll have the perfect sales funnel to generate $$$ on autopilot 💸💸💸


My Account Management Solutions Are For Women Just Like You so that you can get back to actually running your biz like the boss babe you are!



The ‘Get Me Started’ Package


In this package you get:

  • A 1:1 strategy session that leaves you with a full action plan for content, growth, and making sales (VALUE: $598)

  • Account set up or makeover - your first or next 9 posts all done & ready to go (VALUE: $99)

  • Your dream customer/client avatar worksheet so that you can speak to the very HEARTS of your audience, making your brand IRRESISTIBLE to them

  • Instagram style guide template that allows you to get crystal clear on your branding in a way that resonates with your target market and turns them into CUSTOMERS

  • Access to my PRIVATE library of Instagram resources, full of post & story templates, app recommendations, and editing tutorials to make content creation a BREEZE

  • Simple sales funnel planning worksheet that makes it suuuper easy to turn potential customers into PAYING customes!

  • BONUS: one FREE month of my Instagram growth package so that you can focus on your content strategy while your account grows with your target market on AUTOPILOT (VALUE: $125)

Perfect for the small business owner who wants to DIY but needs some clarity & direction on Instagram.

In a two-hour one-on-one strategy session we work on a content and growth strategy that will work for you & your business. And I can answer any questions you have about Instagram, no matter how big or small. You walk away with a crystal clear idea of what to do next, yay!

PLUS you get a bunch of AMAZING worksheets that help you get to the very core of your brand, allowing you to speak directly to the hearts of your dream customers or clients with complete confidence.

Oh , AND as a super special bonus, you’ll get one month of my growth services completely FREE. This means you can focus on your content strategy while I work behind the scenes to attract your dream customers or clients 💖



(over $800 worth of value)



The ‘Got You covered’ Package

for product-based businesses


Perfect for the product-based business babe who needs it all taken care of!

Need pretty pictures? I got you! I can create content or do some creative direction consulting with your existing photographer to ensure we are getting the BEST content for your Instagram - y’know, the kind of content that leads to serious sales! 🤑

I also give your website an audit to ensure that when all those brand new followers check out your site it’s totally maximised to convert to sales. We will get rid of any funky errors, weird user experiences, and anything that might stop a purchase in its tracks.

And let’s not forget the all-important sales funnel! Sit back and relax while I put into place a simple, manageable sales funnel that helps you increase sales on autopilot.

In this package you get:

  • Full Account Management: content creation, strategy, & growth taken off your plate

  • Content creation and/or creative direction with your team so that you have beautiful, branded imagery that attracts your ideal customers

  • Website audit to check everything’s running smoothly so we can rest assured all that new traffic is having a fabulous on-site experience

  • Sales funnel set-up in order to guide people from simply being a follower into being a customers

  • Ideal customer worksheet to help us both get crystal clear on exactly WHO we’re talking to - this is super valuable not just for marketing but to help plan future products, events, and more!

Note: the first month price includes a one-off set up fee


total for First month: $1500

each month thereafter: $750

Some Super Cool Add-Ons

Influencer campaign management

I can source influencers, sort out the contracts, and get it all organised.

Facebook paid ad campaign management

Ready to run ads? I’ve got you. From creative to copy to tracking, I’m all over it.

Ready to chat?


The ‘Instagram Wing Woman’ Package

for service based businesses


In this package you get:

  • 1:1 Coaching session with yours truly (VALUE: $599)

  • Content creation worksheets that use my content strategy formula to help you plan & create Instagram content with complete ease (no more guessing and hoping for the best)

  • Sales funnel set up to guide all those gorgeous new followers all the way through to a sale - on AUTOPILOT.

  • Website audit to check everything’s running smoothly (plus access to my awesome network of talented businesswomen if you need any help making changes!)

  • BONUS: one FREE month of my Instagram growth package so that you can focus fully on your content creation (VALUE: $125)

  • Optional add-on: Monthly account management (photo editing, scheduling, caption editing, hashtags, filler content creation).

This one’s for all you service-based ladies!

You’ve got serious VALUE to share with the world so let’s get it out there.

In a two hour one-on-one coaching session we unlock exactly how to share serious value that attracts your dream clients with ease and makes them DESPERATE to work with you.

You’ll have access to a whole bundle of content creation worksheets to help you come up with more ideas than there are days of the week! These are GREAT for when you get stuck and aren’t sure where to go next.

PLUS I will set up a simple sales funnel and do a full website audit to bring in those clients & ensure they’re having the best possible experience on your site.

You can also add-on monthly account management for all the extra tasks so all you have to worry about is creating valuable content!



(For over $1.5K of value!)

Add-on Monthly Account Management

$550 per month

Some Super Cool Add-Ons

Influencer campaign management

I can source influencers, sort out the contracts, and get it all organised.

Facebook paid ad campaign management

Ready to run ads? I’ve got you. From creative to copy to tracking, I’m all over it.

Ready to chat?


How it works


we chat on your discovery call

You tell me all about your business, what’s been working & what hasn’t, and I recommend some strategies to get things moving.



We do all the usual contract signing, invoice paying, systems set-up, and lock in our key dates so that we are on the same page.



you go relax & I get to work

Whether that’s planning out a content strategy to deliver to you in our 1:1 session, or getting to work directly on your account.


The Check-In

For account management clients I check in each month with a report on growth and an outline for the upcoming month. If we had a 1:1 session I check in to make sure you’re doing well and will answer any new questions you may have.




Hi, I’m Emily!

I help small business owners build loyal communities and increase their sales on Instagram.

Say bye to the time-wasting, stress, confusion, and all-round WTF-ery and say hi to consistent growth, clarity, and actual fun.

My motto? Life is way too short to spend feeling frustrated and stuck. Especially when the alternative is really actually so EASY to achieve.


Check out some of my client results 


The difference between the beginning of month 1 and the beginning of month 2 on just one post:

+200% follows
+966% profile visits
+1,292% likes
+1,947% home page views
+2,600% saves
+13,826% discovery
+57,711% hashtag reach

Seriously, in just 30 days for Kiran Chandan. And her total followers increase in less than 3 months?

(+772 new followers)


Ready to grow like crazy and attract your dream customers and clients?


 My account management packages are for you if:

  • You’re ready to INVEST in growing your business, attracting your dream customers or clients, and building a community around your brand

  • You are willing to put in the necessary work and effort to make your biz dreams come true

  • You are a womanpreneur who approaches business from the heart - you’re not here just to make sales but to make a real positive impact

  • You sell products or services (or both!), mainly targeted toward women #GirlClub

We are probably not a good fit if:

  • You only care about vanity metrics. I’m not here to get you 10K followers in a month, I’m here to build a sustainable, real audience that works long-term for your business growth

  • You are resistant to growth, change, and new ideas

  • Your business is part of a MLM


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: i have a local business, are you able to help me attract local followers/customers?

A: Yes I can! Depending on how local we are talking, sometimes it will be most efficient to run ads but I can attract local customers using organic methods too. I’ll let you know what I think when we chat about your business and requirements.

Q: What kind of growth can I expect?

A: There is no blanket answer, as each business, industry, and target market is different. When we chat on our discovery call or in e-mails I can give a general idea of what my goals and expectations would be for your growth, but it is dependent as much on me as it is you, your business, and your overall commitment to growth and change!

Q: Will the followers I gain be real followers?

A: Yes! My method involves gaining you REAL followers who are in your target market. No buying followers. No follow/unfollow. No vanity metrics. All real, authentic potential customers.

Q: Do I have to sign up to a contract?

A: I offer no lock-in contracts, but at a slightly higher price. This is great if you just want to test out a package without making a firm commitment. Please keep in mind a minimum 3 months is recommended before any marketing plan can be truly assessed for results. If you wish to sign onto a contract the minimum is six months.

Q: When and how can I contact you as a client?

A: All my account management clients are free to contact me via e-mail at any time, and can expect a response within 24-48 hours. If the matter is particularly urgent I will respond that day. Clients are also welcome to schedule calls with me, up to one hour per month which we usually use to discuss updates, results, and any new campaigns, strategies, and directions we wish to take.

Q: Can I just take the photos myself and send them to you?

A: Real talk, I used to allow clients to do this. Here’s the thing: I’ve found most people actually think they are waaaaay better at taking photos than they actually are. It resulted in me spending a whole lot of time wrestling with imagery that I just knew wouldn’t resonate with their audience, or spending hours putting together resources to attempt to try to explain photography concepts like lighting and styling (things I have spent years learning!) to absolute beginners.

So, in short, no, you can’t 😂 Let me handle the pretty, pretty pictures to maximise your sales!

Q: Ok but I already have some PROFESSIONAL photos, can I send you those?

A: You are welcome to, and I am happy to use imagery you have already invested in before finding me. BUT! Just because someone is a product photographer this doesn’t mean they know how to style & take photographs that work best for Instagram. In the initial stages of working together I may be able to utilise pre-existing imagery (I’ll let you know when I have a look at what you’ve got!) but if you have a photographer I will work with them on creative direction for all future Instagram content.

Q: I’m a service based business, can you create my content for me?

A: For service based businesses I strongly prefer that at least some content is created by that business. This is because you have specific knowledge that I cannot create content around because I don’t have that knowledge! Instead I prefer to consult with service based businesses on content they can create (and how to best create it). However if you’re not into editing, scheduling, or creating filler content (sourcing stock photos, quotes, etc.) then yes, I can do that side for you. So long as you deliver on the content strategy we set out 😉


 P.S. I know this can be totally overwhelming

But even the fact that you’re on this page shows you are interested in growing your business and start making a real, positive impact with what you have to offer the world. You can pass this up, make a mental note to maybe come back some other time, maybe at some elusive time in the future when you have more revenue.

And that’s fine and all.

But do you want your life and business to be just fine? Do you want to be stuck doing things you aren’t an expert at in your business, while your ACTUAL expertise has to go wait for you to have time to use it?

I just think maybe you owe it to yourself to do better than that. It’s just a thought.

You can book a free discovery call with me for a chat about your business and my services to see if we are a good fit for one another. What have you got to lose (apart from 15 mins)? 😉