Learn Photography: My Top 4 Photography YouTubers

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Once upon a time when running a business, your photography skills would be the last thing you would ever have to think about (unless you were a photographer, ha). In today’s modern world of social media either having these skills yourself or knowing someone who does is pretty much priority one.

The good news is, it’s actually not that difficult to level up your photography skills for FREE. And you can take Insta-worthy, high quality shots with your phone. No need to rush out and buy a fancy camera!

Now, I personally am not the world’s best photography but I do ok! I have a basic DSLR but honestly, it’s sitting around gathering dust. These days I pretty much exclusively use my slightly-outdated iPhone 6s. I taught myself how to take Good Enough photos (if you know me you’ll know this is a running theme) using free Youtube tutorials.

And that’s they key - your photos only have to be Good Enough. In my opinion there’s a kind of threshold that you can reach where your photos are good enough, and anything beyond that is an added bonus. If you don’t have the time or desire to take crazy complicated photos you don’t have to. If you want to keep it simple until you can afford to outsource, that’s allowed.

Very Important Thing To Remember

Even if you are only planning to shoot on your iPhone, still watch videos about DSLR photography!!! You will learn a LOT about what makes a good photo, and a lot of the serious tips are in those videos. Photography fundamentals are universal regardless of what camera you are using so consume as many resources as you can.

Photography Basics You Need To Learn

There are some fundamental basic photography skills you absolutely need to understand and develop in order to take good photos, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or DSLR.

  • Lighting

  • Composition

  • Scene styling

  • Editing

And the best way to learn: get shooting! Don’t be afraid to take terrible pictures 😂 Take risks, experiment, have a bit of fun!

Oh, and my biggest tip?

Take TONS of photos. For every 1 photo you see on Instagram, there’s usually 20, 50, 100, 200+ that didn’t make the cut. Don’t just snap one pic and think you’re done. Vary the angle slightly, move things around - you really never know when you’re going to get THE picture.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve EVER ended up using the first picture of a set that I snapped - obviously when I was setting up the shot I thought it was great! But in reality it was just the rehearsal and ones I take later always end up being better.

Ok, enough about me. Here are my favourite Youtube resources for learning photography:

Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is basically the go-to guy when it comes to learning photography AND videography. He covers everything from shooting to editing, from beginner to advanced. Settle in with a cup and coffee and get ready to be seriously inspired.

Don’t know where to start? Try this video dedicated to iPhone photography.

Jessica Kobeissi

If it’s model photography you’re interested in, Jessica Kobeissi is your girl. Even though I never really shoot pictures of people I find her content SO creative and inspiring. She also has a lot of content related to editing and shooting on a budget and you get a really good idea of what goes into taking a great photo.

She is an excellent resource if you are a clothing retailer on a budget - her video ‘DIY Photography Studio for Only $5’ is a great place to start.

Emil Pakarklis

Only have a phone to take photos on? No worries, Emil Pakarklis specialises in this.

Start here: Discover the 5 Most Common iPhone Photography Mistakes.

Mango Street

Mango Street have a seriously impressive and comprehensive catalogue of photography tutorials. They are also super beautifully filmed and such a pleasure to watch.

One of my favourite photography styling videos ever: 3 Styling Tips to Make Your Instagram Photos Not Suck (seriously the tip about S-Curves changed my photos for the better!)

This list is by no means exhaustive - the best thing about Youtube is the related videos feature so I recommend simply getting lost in the rabbit hole for as long as you have, then emerging feeling all inspired and fresh. Also, if you’re anything like me (terrible memory) you might want to take notes.

Super special extra bonus tip

Save examples of photos you really like. Whether you use Pinterest or the save function on Instagram or just have a folder on your computer. Save everything! Then you can go back and try to replicate your favourite photos or elements of your favourite photos, as well as staying inspired.