Instagram Marketing Specialist Melbourne

Making Instagram easy for small businesses


let me guess

  • You know you’re meant to have a “social media strategy” but have no idea where to even start

  • You know your target market is on Instagram but reaching them seems impossible

  • You’ve thought that maybe if you just put more of your precious time into Instagram maybe then everything will work out fine?!

  • You are just soooo over the struggle!


Hi! I’m emily

I help small business owners build loyal communities and increase their sales on Instagram.

Say bye to the time-wasting, stress, confusion, and all-round WTF-ery and say hi to consistent growth, clarity, and actual fun.

My motto? Life is way too short to spend feeling frustrated and stuck. Especially when the alternative is really actually so EASY to achieve.



About me

I’ve been community building online for over a decade. “You look awfully young, though,” I hear you say. “How can it be a decade?” Well, let me tell you a story…

I’m a straight up nerd. Book nerd? Check! Computer nerd? That too! Marketing nerd? Absolutely!

(Seriously, I studied Politics at University… for fun. And in my spare time I would read about sales funnels and building e-mail lists.)

By the age of 12 I had taught myself how to code websites from scratch (alongside reading Harry Potter, of course) and when most girls my age were asking for dolls for their birthdays, I asked for a copy of Abode Photoshop. (I made websites about horses in case you were wondering.)

By 15 I was involved in various online communities across social platforms like LiveJournal, Tumblr, and Twitter. And by 20 I was a lifestyle blogger, creating content, collaborating with brands, and connecting with ambitious girls all across the world.

I use all that experience to help women running their dream businesses connect with their target markets on social media. I believe strongly in a heart-centred approach to business that brings community back to the forefront of the marketplace. I also believe in having fun and cracking a joke or two, so if you’re after a super serious suit-and-tie kinda marketer then you’re in the wrong place.

If you are a passionate womanpreneur who needs a little help in the social department (hey, not everyone can be a super nerd like me) while actually having a bit of relaxed fun in the process, then I’m your girl!

are you ready to get your instagram sorted (without the struggle)?


 some random facts about me



I live in Melbourne, Australia with my sister and her cat, Edie.


I eat more pasta than any one human probably ever should.


I can recite just about every Gilmore Girls episode by heart (I’m a total Lorelai, by the way).


Once I wrote a song about Enjolras and Grantaire’s relationship in Les Miserables.


Alternate universe Emily is almost certainly an interior designer, creating people’s dream homes.